Kueh Kaya Salat / 咖椰糯米饭馃


Kueh Kaya Salat


Ingredients:  (For making Rice Pudding Base)

Glutinous Rice                         2½ cup
Water                                          260ml
Coconut Milk                            100g
Pandan Coconut Oil                 1 tbsp
Salt                                              1 tsp
Sugar                                           1 tsp
Violet Food Coloring               1/4 tsp
Rose Pink Colouring                 Some

Kaya Topping:
Custard Powder(mix with 5 tbsp water)         3 tbsp
Frezfruta Kaya                                                 200g
Large Eggs                                                      3
Hot Water                                                       150ml
Agar Agar Powder                                          1 tbsp
Orange (or Red) Sugar                                  80g
Coconut Milk                                                   200ml


1       Soak glutinous for about 5to 6 hours. Drain the glutinous rice and put in the Cornell steamer. Add in the coconut milk, pandan coconut oil and salt mix well and steam over high heat for over 30 minutes until cooked or microwave for 1-14 minutes.

2. Preheat Cornell oven to 180 deg C. Line a 7×7 inches square baking tray with aluminium foil. Pour in the hot cooked glutinous rice in the oiled tray, drizzle violet food colour, stir mix briefly and press to compact the glutinous rice with the back a wet spoon.  Set aside.

3.  Mix custard powder with water, whisk in the kaya then whisk in the eggs. Bring water, agar agar powder and coconut cream to the boil, add in the orange sugar and cook into syrup. Mix in the kaya & egg mixture. Stir cook over medium low heat until the kaya mixture is slightly thickens.

4.     Pour kaya mixture over compressed steamed rice layer in a baking tray. In another baking tray, add hot water and put at the lower deck of the oven. This is to prevent the rice layer from being overcooked while baking. Now place the kaya and rice baking tray in the moderate hot oven and cook at 220 degree C for 30-40 minutes or until set. Make sure the kaya rice kueh is cooled thoroughly before cutting into serving pieces.



糯米饭                       2½杯

杯清水                       260毫升

毫升椰奶                     100克

香兰椰子油                        1汤匙

盐                           1茶匙

糖                           1茶匙

紫色食用色素,玫瑰粉红色素    ¼ 茶匙


卡士达粉(加入5汤匙水)      3汤匙

Frezfruta咖椰                200克

蛋(大)                     3粒

热水                         150毫升

蒟蒻粉                       1汤匙

橙色(或红)糖                80克

椰奶                         200毫升


1. 将糯米浸在水中5-6小时,将水沥干后,放入Cornell蒸炉用大火煮30分钟至熟透,或放入Cornell微波炉煮12-14分钟。

2. 将Cornell烘炉热至180度。将7×7寸的铝箔纸放在烘盘上,涂上一层油,再将煮熟的糯米饭倒入盘上。在糯米饭上洒上紫色食用色素,将饭搅拌均匀,再用汤匙的后勺将  饭施压,让饭紧凑。

3. 用搅蛋器,搅入咖椰,再搅入蛋。另一旁,在水里加入蒟蒻粉和椰奶后煮滚,再加入橙色糖,煮成浆,之后加入之前做好的咖椰蛋液。用中小火,煮至咖椰变稠。记得要不时来回反搅。

4. 把煮好的咖椰酱倒入糯米饭上,将烤盘放在220度的Cornell烤箱内,以蒸烤方式,烤至30-40分钟直到咖椰定型。要确定咖椰饭馃彻底的凉透才能切。