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主要赞助商CORNELL与XUAN为指定网络媒体的《欢喜来办桌》长达13集,主旨是为了传承办桌文化和分享福建菜的精髓。因此,节目的灵魂人物明星总铺师Ivan陈政赐,会带领美女助理Min黄毓敏、副厨妙妙和林忠良,欢喜联盟成员陈金珠(Jentzen林震前)、陈美凤(陈薇芝)、傅兴仁校长(远扬)以及王嘉琳(Estee陈昭伶)一起出任务。 记得留守每逢星期日, 晚上8时30分,在Astro欢喜台(频道333和HD频道332)播出《欢喜来办桌》。

Herbs Crust Lamb Rack 香料烤羊排

How to make Herbs Cust Lamb Rack with Cornell Multi Air-Fryer? Wnat to know more Cornell Multi Air-Fryer, CAF-E1600G? Click here Want to know more Cornell Ceramic Cooker, CCC-E2200? Click here.

Tomato Rice with Steamed Crab Recipe 海鲜番茄饭食谱

Do you know that, just using Rice Cooker may cook a simple yet delicious dinner? Let’s have this quick and easy Tomato Rice with Steamed Crab for your dinner later. Rice Ingredients: 600g rice, 5-6 tbsps cooking oil, 2 tbsps butter, 2 cloves garlic(chopped), 1 big onion (peeled and sliced), 300g chicken meat (cubed in… Read more »

Beauty Nutrition Soup Recipe 润肺养颜汤食谱

3 simple steps to cook yourself Beauty Nutrition Soup at home now! Ingredients: 1 kampung chicken (Removing the head and foot) Sub-ingredients: 40g dried lily bulb (soaked), 50g tremella lotus (soaked), 50g white fungus (soaked), 40g dried longan flesh, 10 red dates (seedless), 1 dried mandarin skin , some dried roses (blanch with hot water, drain) Method: Place… Read more »

Moist Choc Fondant Cake Recipe 巧克力糖衣蛋糕食谱

Going to celebrate your beloved birthday soon? Hopefully this Moist Choc Fondant Cake is one of the unique birthday surprise for him/her. Ingredients 185g butter, 1/2 tsp salt, 230 g castor sugar, 3 large eggs, 200g plain flour (sifted), 50g cocoa powder(sifted), 1 tsp baking powder(sifted), 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda(sifted), 250 ml water, 1… Read more »

Pesto Bread

Pesto Bread as Christmas Festive Recipe is feature in Oriental Cuisine Issue Dec 2014, Page 60.

Rabbit Mooncake

Rabbit Mooncake Recipe is featured in Oriental Cuisine Issue August 2014, Page 66.

Detox Fruit Juice

Detox Fruit Juice is featured in Oriental Cuisine Issue March 2014, Page 76.