Moist Choc Fondant Cake Recipe 巧克力糖衣蛋糕食谱


Moist Choc Fondant Cake Recipe 巧克力糖衣蛋糕食谱

Moist Choc Fondant Cake Recipe 巧克力糖衣蛋糕食谱

Going to celebrate your beloved birthday soon? Hopefully this Moist Choc Fondant Cake is one of the unique birthday surprise for him/her.


185g butter, 1/2 tsp salt, 230 g castor sugar, 3 large eggs, 200g plain flour (sifted), 50g cocoa powder(sifted), 1 tsp baking powder(sifted), 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda(sifted), 250 ml water, 1 tsp vanilla essence, 1 tbsp brandy [optional]

Butter icing

250g butter, 500g icing sugar(sifted) 3×8” round cake pans(greased & lined), store bought fondant, pink food colouring, heart shape cutter, extra cornflour, silver dredges brush


Moist Choc Fondant Cake Recipe 巧克力糖衣蛋糕食谱

Moist Choc Fondant Cake Step 1 – 4

  1. Using CORNELL Stand Mixer, fitted with a paddle attachment, cream the butter, salt & icing sugar together. Beat in eggs one at a time until creamy. (pic 1)
  2. Sift dry ingredients into the butter mixture slowly and gradually pour in the water, brandy & vanilla essence and mix until well mixed.
  3. Pour batter into prepared cake tin and bake in CORNELL Electric Oven for about 25-30 minutes or until skewer inserted into the centre of the cake comes out clean. Leave cake to cool completely. (pic 2-3)

To prepare butter icing

Using CORNELL Stand Mixer, beat butter and sifted icing sugar until just creamy. (pic 4)

Fondant Cake-logo-step5-8

Moist Choc Fondant Cake Step 5 – 8

To decorate cake

Moist Choc Fondant Cake Recipe 巧克力糖衣蛋糕食谱

Moist Choc Fondant Cake Step 9 – 10

  1. Place a layer of cake onto a cake board, spread with some butter icing before topping with another layer of cake. Repeat the same for icing and cake.(pic 5)
  2. Dust some cornflour on the surface and roll the fondant out to approximately 0.5cm thick, place over the cake top.
  3. Repeat rolling out the plain fondant icing to a long sheet sufficient to cover the sides of the cake.Place on the sides and press the fondant tightly. At the sealing side, trim off to allow the sides to stick properly together. Using a pair of icing pinchers, pinch to secure the joining part.
  4. Take about a ball of plain fondant, drop some pink food colouring and knead in the colour. Roll out and cut into heart shapes using the heart cutter. Brush with some water and place on the sides of the cake covering the whole cake.(pic 7-8)
  5. For the top, cut out the extra pink fondant into strips and roll them up to form roses. Lightly brush some water before placing these 5-6 roses in the centre top of the cake. Decorate some silver dredges on the cake alternately for the final effect. (pic 9-10)
Cornell Appliances

Cornell Stand Mixer & Cornell Electric Oven







  1. 将牛油、盐及糖放入CORNELL电动搅拌机内打至发起。加入鸡蛋,一次一粒,搅拌至幼滑(图1)
  2. 加入粉料拌匀。然后注入入清水、白兰地及香精混合均匀。
  3. 将蛋糕糊料倒入烤盘内,放入预热至170℃的CORNELL烤箱烤25-30分钟。以竹签插入测试熟度。让蛋糕冷却备用。(图2)




  1. 铺第一层巧克力蛋糕在盘上,涂上奶油霜,盖上另一层蛋糕,重复以上做法至最后一层蛋糕(图4)
  2. 在蛋糕面上洒上少许面粉,盖上0.5公分厚的糖衣。(图5)
  3. 另外将糖衣杆平成长形,包裹蛋糕的侧面。用刀子将糖衣修修边,用手轻轻将侧面和顶部的糖皮捏紧。最后抚平所有的缝隙。(图6)
  4. 取少许白色糖衣,滴入粉红色素揉至均匀后杆平,用心形切刀割出形状。涂上少许水后粘上蛋糕周围。(图7-8)
  5. 再取少许粉红糖衣切成长条,每条滚成玫瑰花形。将花沾少许水置放在蛋糕顶部。同时也在面部洒上少许银珠装饰(图9-10)

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Moist Choc Fondant Cake is featured in Oriental Cuisine Issue May 2015, Page 60.