Cornell Vacuum Cleaner CVC-PH2000CH

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    • Real cyclone
    • HEPA Filter
    • Automatic cord rewinder
    • 5 Stage filtration
    • Safety motor with circuit breaker
    • Soft start
    • High suction power
    • Power : 1800-2000W

    Additional information

    Weight 7.2 kg
    Dimensions 520 × 390 × 355 mm

    5 reviews for Cornell Vacuum Cleaner CVC-PH2000CH


      my suction accessories is broken, is there any way you can supply the accessories.

    2. Tengku Sheira

      A good appliance but need help to provide for additional accessories as spare parts

    3. Hafiz

      Good overall performance, but the accessories (head suction wheel) broken after few months of usage. I amend by using 3 seconds glue, and it fixes the problem until now (2 years of usage). By the way, can it be used to suck up water as well? Kinda afraid to use it to vacuum wet floor or mini puddle at the corner of my house after washing the floor.

      • admin

        Sorry sir/miss, this product is designed for dry surface only. Please contact our service center as link provided below for further information. Thank you.

    4. Azidah

      My vacuum cannot operate for more than 10 minutes before it shut down. I have to wait for more than 2 weeks before it can work for less than 10 minutes again.

    5. Hanieciut

      can i buy hose vacuum only.. SKU: CVC-PH2000CH Barcode: 955 7528 20502 4

      • admin

        Hi Hanie,

        Yes, we do have. Please contact the customer service by clicking the link, that is provided below.

        Do contact them to expedite the process and in order to get quick solutions and answers on this. Thanks.

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