Spicy Café Wings 咖啡辣鸡翅


Spicy Café Wings 


Chicken Mid Wings                             1 kg

Gold Kili Kopi-O 35% Less Sugar         1 sachet

Gold Kili Double Shot White Coffee    1 sachet

Ginger (freshly grated)                       1 tsp

Palm Sugar (to taste – Grated)           4 tbsp

Soy Sauce                                            2 tbsp

L & P sauce                                         1 tsp

Vegetable Oil                                      2 tbsp

Paprika Powder (to taste)                   4 tbsp

Cilantro leaves (to taste – Garnish)

Coffee             Coating Flour Mix

Self Raising flour                                             1 cup

Gold Kili Instant Double Shot White Coffee    1 sachet

Egg (Beaten – for coating)                             1

Coffee sauce dip:

(Combine all ingredients and bring to a boil and add in thickening solution)

Olive Oil                                                          1 tbsp

Butter                                                              2 tbsp

Gold Kili Kopi-O 35% Less Sugar                     1 cup

Honey (to taste)                                              1/3 cup

Worcestershire Sauce                                     2 tbsp

Paprika Powder                                               1 tbsp

Potato Starch (mix with 3 tbsp water)            1 tbsp


  1. Rinse chicken wings with cold water and pat dry. Place wings in a large glass bowl.
  2. In a separate bowl combine ginger, palm sugar, soy sauce, vegetable oil, coffee from sachets and paprika powder and stir to evenly combine. Add the wings and toss evenly with the marinade. Place the wings in
    the refrigerator and allow them to marinate for a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of overnight.
  3. Drain chicken mid wings, deep mid wing into egg mixture then roll over a light coating of coffee coating flour mix. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees C.
  4. Place the wings on a baking tray and bake for 20 to 25 minutes, turning them half way through. Wings are done when they look shiny, golden brown and have a bit of a crispy edge around them. Serve with mango fruit Jam salad or coffee sauce dip.



鸡翅(中段)                        1公斤

Gold Kili 咖啡乌35%少糖(特强)      1包

Gold Kili Double Shot白咖啡         1包

姜(新鲜磨碎)                      1茶匙

棕榈糖(以个人口味)                4汤匙

酱清                                2汤

L&P 蒜汁酱                                                    1茶匙

蔬菜油                                                            2汤匙

红椒粉                                                            4汤匙



低筋面粉                                                        1杯

Gold Kili Double Shot白咖啡                      1包

蛋液                                                                1粒



橄榄油                        1汤匙

牛油                          2汤匙

Gold Kili咖啡乌(特强)       1杯

蜂蜜(以个人口味)            1/3

Worcestershire辣酱            2汤匙

红椒粉                        1汤匙

薯粉(和3汤匙水搅入)        1汤匙


  1. 将鸡翅用冷水洗净后将水沥干,拍干。将鸡翅放入一个大碗里。
  2. 在另外一个碗里加入姜,棕榈糖,酱清,熟菜油,咖啡乌粉,红椒粉,搅拌均匀。然后加入鸡翅,和腌料拌匀。之后把鸡翅放入冰箱腌制3小时,或到隔天。
  3. 将鸡翅沥干后,沾上蛋液后,再沾上咖啡沾粉。然后将烘炉热至200度。
  4. 将鸡翅放入Cornell烘炉烘至20-25分钟或放在Cornell 烧烤平锅烤上烧烤,之间要不时反转鸡翅。将鸡翅煮至金褐色,边缘酥脆。上桌前和芒果酱沙拉或咖啡沾酱一起端上即可。