Tomato Rice with Steamed Crab Recipe 海鲜番茄饭食谱


Tomato Rice with Steamed Crab Recipe 海鲜番茄饭食谱

Tomato Rice with Steamed Crab Recipe 海鲜番茄饭食谱

Do you know that, just using Rice Cooker may cook a simple yet delicious dinner? Let’s have this quick and easy Tomato Rice with Steamed Crab for your dinner later.

Rice Ingredients:
600g rice, 5-6 tbsps cooking oil, 2 tbsps butter, 2 cloves garlic(chopped), 1 big onion (peeled and sliced), 300g chicken meat (cubed in 1cm, marinated with 1 tsp salt & pepper), 250g large prawns (peeled and deveined, marinated with 2 tsps sugar), 150g fresh red tomatoes(diced), 5 heaped tbsps tomato puree/paste, 1000 ml chicken broth + 2 tsps chicken stock granules

Steaming Ingredients:

1 large crab(cleaned), 20g ginger(julienned), 2 tbsps chinese wine, pinch of pepper and salt, some drops of sesame oil, 2 tsps garlic crisps

Tomato Rice with Steamed Crab  Step 1-4

Tomato Rice with Steamed Crab, Step 1-4


  1. Wash rice in several changes of water and soak in some water just to cover the rice. (pic 1)
  2. In a wok, add butter and oil; sauteing garlic and onions until fragrant. Add chicken, cook until lightly browned. Add prawns, rice and tomato paste. (pic 2)
  3. Remove rice into CORNELL Electric Rice Cooker, chicken broth and salt to taste.(pic 3-4)
  4. In a small plate, place crab with all the steaming ingredients on CORNELL Stainless Steel Steam Tray. Place the steamer over the CORNELL Electric Rice Cooker, cover the lid and press the START button. Let the rice cook. (pic 5-7)
  5. Once the button pops up, remove crab and leave the rice to keep warm, leave covered for 15 minutes, until rice is fluffy
  6. Serve rice with the steamed crab on top.
Tomato Rice with Steamed Crab, Step 5-8

Tomato Rice with Steamed Crab, Step 5-8








  1. 把白米洗净,注入可以盖过白米的水量浸好。(图1)
  2. 在镬中热少许牛油和食油,爆香蒜及大葱,加入鸡肉炒至肉微黄,加入虾,米及番茄膏炒匀。(图2)
  3. 将饭移入CORNELL电饭锅中,加入鸡高汤及少许盐调味。(图3-4)
  4. 将水蟹铺在CORNELL电饭锅蒸盘上,面上铺好姜丝,注入其余蒸料,再把蒸盘置入CORNELL 电饭锅上,启动电源,按“开始”键,开始煮饭。(图5-7)
  5. 当键弹起后,开盖移出蒸盘,再盖好继续焗约15分钟至番茄饭完全的均匀熟透。
  6. 吃时配搭水蟹一起享用。
Rice Cooker: CRC-CP281SS

Rice Cooker: CRC-CP281SS

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Tomato Rice with Steamed Crab as Chinese New Year Festive Recipe is feature in Oriental Cuisine Issue Jan 2015, Page 112.