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Paper Chicken Parcels 纸包鸡

Marinade Chicken seasonings:  (Marinate for about 1 hour) 1 pkt Dancing Chef Meat Marinade Sauce 1 tbsp Orange sugar 2 tbsp oil 2 tbsp ginger wine 1 tbsp sesame oil 1 stalks spring onions (whole crushed stalk use) 1 tbsp potato starch 4 tbsp water Healthier method of traditional deep fried Paper wrapped Chicken parcel… Read more »

ChaoZhou Mooncake 潮洲梅菜酥皮月饼

Ingredient A: Mooncake Skin (Water base) Flour: 100 grams White oil: 60 grams Water: 50 ml Ingredient B: Mooncake Skin (Oil base) Flour: 100 grams White oil: 60 grams Fillings: Lotus : 250 g Sweet salted dried vegetable: 35 grams (finely chopped) Orange cake: 20 grams (finely chopped) Wax gourd: 20 grams (finely chopped) White… Read more »

Shanghai Moon Cake 上海月饼

Ingredients: Plain Flour                240g Sugar                         75g Oil                               100g Custard Powder     30g Lotus Paste               300g Seeds                         Little Eggs                            2 Butter                        45g Ammonia                  1 tsp Method: 1.     Cream egg, butter, shortening and ammonia together 2.     Add in flour, custard powder to make dough 3.     Divide dough into small portions, wrap each with a little lotus paste and… Read more »