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Pork Ribs in Peach Sauce 桃子排骨

Ingredients Pork Ribs 600g Peach cubes 100g Red pepper triangular pieces 50g Green pepper triangular pieces 50g Fermented pork ribs Salt 1/2tsp Vegetarian G Powder 1/4tsp Ginger juice 1tsp Egg 1/2 Flour 1 spoon Carica papaya oil 1 tsp Pepper a little Corn flour 1 1/2 spoon Huadiao wine 1/2 spoon Sauce Japan Tare 150g… Read more »

Recipes, with Love – Recipe – EP 8

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Double Shot Milk Tea Pudding红茶布丁

Double Shot Milk Tea Pudding Ingredients Full cream butter 45g Fresh milk 150g Double Shot White milk tea 3pkts Egg yolk 80g Sugar 25g Caramel Sugar 120g Water 2 spoons Hot water 220ml Method of making Caramel Cook the water and sugar until it turns golden brown, add in hot water until the sugar melts…. Read more »

Kaya Kueh Lapis 千层山楂蛋糕

Kaya Kueh Lapis Ingredients Butter 350g Sugar 75g Egg yolks 8 Egg whites 10 Kaya 150g Condensed milk 85g Mary Biscuit Crumbs 200g Green coloring sufficient amount Yellow coloring sufficient amount Hawthorn 8 small pkts Method: 1. Beat the butter and sugar until it turns fluffy and white. Add egg yolk and egg white, one… Read more »