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Milk-Tea Cereal Prawn 奶茶脆麦虾

Ingredients: Medium Size Prawns 500 gm Crisp Cereal Flakes 50 gm Gold Kili Instant Oats Cereal 1 sachet Bird’s Eye Chillies (cut) 6 Fresh Curry Leaves 10 Butter 4 tbsp Coating mix for frying prawns Self Raising Flour 1 cup Gold Kili Instant Double Shot White Milk Tea 1 sachet Seasoning for prawns Salt 1… Read more »

Spicy Café Wings 咖啡辣鸡翅

Spicy Café Wings  Ingredients: Chicken Mid Wings                             1 kg Gold Kili Kopi-O 35% Less Sugar         1 sachet Gold Kili Double Shot White Coffee    1 sachet Ginger (freshly grated)                       1 tsp Palm Sugar (to taste – Grated)           4 tbsp Soy Sauce                                            2 tbsp L & P sauce                                         1 tsp Vegetable Oil                                      2 tbsp… Read more »

Fruity Jam Puff (10 Servings) / 什锦苹果蓝莓馅饼(10份)

Fruity Jam Puff (10 Servings) Ingredients: Frezfruta Mixed Fruit Jam (450g)                                1 bottle Raisins                                                                                100 gm Lemon zests                                                                         2 tbsp Large Red Apple (diced and blanch in lemon stock)         3         Vanilla                                                                                    1 tsp   Frezfruta Apple Blueberry Jam (for glazing) Making the filling: Briefly cooked blanched apple with 2 tables mixed fruit Jam. Allows… Read more »

Garlic Cheese Toast香烤蒜茸芝士土司

Garlic Cheese Toast Ingredients: Kiri Garlic and Herbs Cheese (Or Laughing Cow 6 pcs)        6 cubes White Bread (Or Baguette) 8 slices Garlic (Minced)                                             4-5 cloves Coriander Leaves (Cut up)                                   1 Tblspoon Black Pepper Corn                                           ½ Teaspoon Method: 1. Mix Kiri Garlic and Herbs Cheese, garlic, coriander, black pepper corn. Mix well. 2. Spread the… Read more »

Cha Soba with Minced Meat and Mushroom 肉碎香菇绿茶面

Cha Soba with Minced Meat and Mushroom Ingredients: Dancing Chef Meat Marinade                            1 Packet Hakubaku Organic Cha Soba Noodles             1 Packet (200g) Minced pork or chicken meat                           350g Fragrant Mushrooms (Soak till soft; cut up)       30g Big Onions (Cut up)                                         50g Red Chili (Cut up)                                              2 Pickled Cabbage (Cut up)                                 50g Garlic (Minced)                                                 1 Tblspoon Olive… Read more »

Tasty Paper Wrapped Chicken 美味纸包鸡

Tasty Paper Wrapped Chicken   Ingredients:   Dancing Chef Meat Marinade Sauce          1Packet   Chicken Wing (Mid Joint)                         500g   Ginger (Sliced)                                       80g   Spring Onion (Sliced)                              30g   Coriander (Cut into segments)                 20g         Marinade:   Chinese Wine (Hua Diao Wine)              1 Tblspoon   Sesame Oil                                          ½ Tblspoon   Baking paper                                      … Read more »

Baked Seafood Otah

Baked Seafood Otah Recipe Ingredients: Dancing Chef Thai Seafood Sauce – 1 Packet Fish Paste (Unsalted) – 300g Coconut Milk – 100g Water – 80ml Egg (Beaten) – 1 Shrimp – 250g Kaffir Lime leaf (Cut into thin slices) – 2 Pieces Corn Flour – 1 Tablespoon Banana Leaf Method: 1. Pour all ingredients into… Read more »