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Fruity Jam Puff

Fruit Puff Fillings (Yield 10 Puffs) 1 bottle of  Mixed Fruit Jam (450g) 100g Raisins  2 Tbsp lemon zests 3 large Red Apple, diced (blanched apple in lemon stock) 1 tsp vanilla  Apple Blueberry Jam (for glazing) Preparations:  Briefly cooked blanched apple with 2 tables mixed fruit Jam. Allows cooling before mixing with the bottle of… Read more »

Baked Crispy Tea Fish

Ingredients:  (Makes 4 servings) 800g white fish fillets (or Dory fish) 1 cup Milk Tea (use 1 sachet into cold milk) (for Pre-soaking fish fillets) 3 tbsp vegetable oil Crumbs Coating Mix: 2 cup (250 mL) bread crumbs (white and golden crumbs) 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese 1 sachet Milk Tea 1 tbsp Pepper Seasoning… Read more »

Baked Satay Chicken 烘沙爹鸡

Ingredients Chicken leg meat 1200g Peanut (smashed) 100g White sesame 20g Seasonings Sugar 2tbsp Coriander powder 1tbsp Salt 1tsp Pepper 1tsp Fennel powder 1/2tsp Chili sauce Shallot 100g Garlic 50g Ginger 20g Turmeric 10g Lemon grass 2 Chili paste 100g Methods 1. Remove bone from chicken leg, wash clean and add in seasonings and grinded… Read more »

Double Shot Milk Tea Pudding红茶布丁

Double Shot Milk Tea Pudding Ingredients Full cream butter 45g Fresh milk 150g Double Shot White milk tea 3pkts Egg yolk 80g Sugar 25g Caramel Sugar 120g Water 2 spoons Hot water 220ml Method of making Caramel Cook the water and sugar until it turns golden brown, add in hot water until the sugar melts…. Read more »

Kueh Kaya Salat / 咖椰糯米饭馃

Kueh Kaya Salat   Ingredients:  (For making Rice Pudding Base) Glutinous Rice                         2½ cup Water                                          260ml Coconut Milk                            100g Pandan Coconut Oil                 1 tbsp Salt                                              1 tsp Sugar                                           1 tsp Violet Food Coloring               1/4 tsp Rose Pink Colouring                 Some Kaya Topping: Custard Powder(mix with 5 tbsp water)         3 tbsp Frezfruta Kaya                                                 200g Large Eggs                                                      3 Hot Water                                                       150ml… Read more »

Spicy Café Wings 咖啡辣鸡翅

Spicy Café Wings  Ingredients: Chicken Mid Wings                             1 kg Gold Kili Kopi-O 35% Less Sugar         1 sachet Gold Kili Double Shot White Coffee    1 sachet Ginger (freshly grated)                       1 tsp Palm Sugar (to taste – Grated)           4 tbsp Soy Sauce                                            2 tbsp L & P sauce                                         1 tsp Vegetable Oil                                      2 tbsp… Read more »

Fruity Jam Puff (10 Servings) / 什锦苹果蓝莓馅饼(10份)

Fruity Jam Puff (10 Servings) Ingredients: Frezfruta Mixed Fruit Jam (450g)                                1 bottle Raisins                                                                                100 gm Lemon zests                                                                         2 tbsp Large Red Apple (diced and blanch in lemon stock)         3         Vanilla                                                                                    1 tsp   Frezfruta Apple Blueberry Jam (for glazing) Making the filling: Briefly cooked blanched apple with 2 tables mixed fruit Jam. Allows… Read more »

Garlic Cheese Toast香烤蒜茸芝士土司

Garlic Cheese Toast Ingredients: Kiri Garlic and Herbs Cheese (Or Laughing Cow 6 pcs)        6 cubes White Bread (Or Baguette) 8 slices Garlic (Minced)                                             4-5 cloves Coriander Leaves (Cut up)                                   1 Tblspoon Black Pepper Corn                                           ½ Teaspoon Method: 1. Mix Kiri Garlic and Herbs Cheese, garlic, coriander, black pepper corn. Mix well. 2. Spread the… Read more »

Tasty Paper Wrapped Chicken 美味纸包鸡

Tasty Paper Wrapped Chicken   Ingredients:   Dancing Chef Meat Marinade Sauce          1Packet   Chicken Wing (Mid Joint)                         500g   Ginger (Sliced)                                       80g   Spring Onion (Sliced)                              30g   Coriander (Cut into segments)                 20g         Marinade:   Chinese Wine (Hua Diao Wine)              1 Tblspoon   Sesame Oil                                          ½ Tblspoon   Baking paper                                      … Read more »

Baked Seafood Otah

Baked Seafood Otah Recipe Ingredients: Dancing Chef Thai Seafood Sauce – 1 Packet Fish Paste (Unsalted) – 300g Coconut Milk – 100g Water – 80ml Egg (Beaten) – 1 Shrimp – 250g Kaffir Lime leaf (Cut into thin slices) – 2 Pieces Corn Flour – 1 Tablespoon Banana Leaf Method: 1. Pour all ingredients into… Read more »