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Seafood Pie

Seafood Pie Recipe is featured in Oriental Cuisine Issue December 2013, Page 140.

Home-baked Bread Loaf

Home-baked Bread Loaf Recipe is featured in Oriental Cuisine Issue May 2013, Page 128.

Vinegar Pig’s Trotters

Vinegar Pig’s Trotters Recipe is featured as a Chinese New Year Recipe in Oriental Cuisine Issue January 2013.

Cherry Fruit Cake

Cherry Fruit Cake Recipe is featured as a Christmas Festive Recipe in Oriental Cuisine Issue December 2012, Page 80.

Traditional Mooncake 传统烘皮月饼

Traditional Mooncake Outer Skin Ingredients: Flour 300g Sugar syrup 180g Oil 60g Alkaline Water 1 tsp Filling: Lotus Seed Bean Paste 1½kg Seeds 50g Method: 1. Mix all ingredients for outer skin together, leave to rest for 3-5 hours. 2. Roll fillings into small balls. 3. Cut the dough into small portions, and place fillings… Read more »

Nyonya Curry Chicken

Nyonya Curry Chicken Recipe is featured in Oriental Cuisine Issue #120 on September 2012.

Red Date & Watermelon Granita

Red Date Granita (Ings A) 1 Sachet Red Date Tea 125ml Hot Water 2 Drops Rose Water Watermelon Granita (Ings B) 200gm Red Watermelon Decoration Some diced yellow watermelon Method (Ings A) 1) Pour contents of the tea into a bowl and pour hot water over the tea granules. 2) Add in rosewater. 3) Place… Read more »

Kaya Pound Cake

Kaya Pound Cake- English Ingredients A 100gm Sour Cream 100gm Nonya Kaya   Ingredients B 120gm Cake Flour ½ tsp Baking Powder   Ingredients C 110gm Butter 100gm Sugar 1 No Egg 1 tsp Vanilla Essence Method 1)      Mix Ingredients A and set aside. 2)      Sift Ingredients B and set aside. 3)      Beat butter and… Read more »

Apple Blueberry Jam Tartlets

Ings A (Pate Sucree) 180gm Plain Flour 70gm   Icing Sugar 1gm     Baking Powder 50gm   Egg 30gm   Ground Almonds 90gm   Butter Ings B (Almond Cream) 70gm   Butter 70gm   Sugar 1  Egg ½ tsp   Vanilla Essence 70gm   Ground Almonds 10gm   Plain Flour Ings C (Filling) Apple Blueberry Jam Almond… Read more »